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The Automated Campus

Bring simplicity, enhanced security, and visibility to your campus environment

Do More, Faster, Simpler, and Safer

By combining field-proven fabric-based networking technology, with industry-leading software and the #1 ranked support services, Extreme Networks is delivering an integrated solution that enables you to perform the most complex networking tasks with ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional networking and look ahead to a new approach that eliminates touch points, enables faster time to service, and provides the much-needed visibility and insights to effectively manage your network.

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Fully Automated Campus Solution

Combining Extreme's policy-driven networking and management control software solutions with Avaya's fabric secure technologies to provide an end-to-end solution for the campus enterprise.


Enable true dynamic service creation through a suite of zero-touch networking features with a consistent policy-based, fabric-enabled architecture that extends from the campus core to the wired/wireless edge.


Deliver zero-touch secure, auto-attach of users and devices into dynamically created end to end hyper-segments. Hyper-segments – which contain breaches and isolate and protect critical applications, information or users – can be created with far greater ease and greater scale than industry alternatives.


Provide a true 360-degree view of the network (wired and wireless), users, devices and applications with context and scale through integrated management, analytics and policy.

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